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    About Us



        Tianjin Manhua Pipe Material Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianjin Manhua) is located in Jinnan District of Tianjin City. It is within the national key economic area, has a unique economic advantage.

    The company was founded in 2004, with registered capital of 120 million. Manhua Pipe is a modern high-tech enterprise specialized in technology research and development, design, production, installation, and service of plastic pipe. Manhua owns a number of world leading plastic pipe production equipments and testing equipments. Including pipe extrusion line from Battenfeld Cincinnati, and gravity wall thickness measurement system and online testing system from German Eno Akers. Above mentioned machineries forms a polyethylene piping production system that mainly produces polyethylene pipes for water supply, gas piping systems, ground source heat pump dedicated piping systems, trenchless piping systems, and trenchless power cable with modified piping systems.
    Independent laboratories with pipe hydrostatic testing machine, electronic universal tensile testing machine, differential thermal analyzer, melt mass flow rate meter, pipe cut system prototype, dumbbell system prototype, size of the change rate measurement instrument, solid density tester, precision analytical balance, plastic moisture tester, and carbon black analyzers such as multiple testing equipment provide customers first class quality assurance.
    The company has after-sales service quality system made of professional technical personals and a variety of equipments. The system provides technical exchanges, training, on-site technical support, technical problem solving, actual construction work, and 7X24 hotline for customers’ inquiries and complains. It responds customers’ complains within 36 hours.
    Over the years, Manhua Pipe adheres to business policies that “take prestige as the life, take the product as the forerunner, based on the quality, service as guarantee”. The good reputation of products and corporate image are built up by strong mind and willpower of Manhua people. It obtained customer consistent high praise.